Program Educational Objectives

    1. Pursue career in academia, IT or IT related departments.
    2. Succeed in higher education continuing lifelong learning.
    3. Excel in career exhibiting skills and attitude, acquired during the program

Program Outcomes

    1. Apply in-depth knowledge of computer Science & Engineering to analyze design, and develop solutions for complex engineering problems in real world.
    2. Evaluate potential solutions for computing problems with critical thinking, arrive at feasible, optimal solutions considering safety, cultural, societal and environmental factors.
    3. Apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern IT tools to engineering activity for individual or collaborative and multidisciplinary works.
    4. Independently carry out investigation and development work to solve research problems gaining life-long learning ability.
    5. Write and present a substantial technical report and communicate effectively with the engineering community and the society.
    6. Understand code of conduct, ethics of research and scholarship in professional practices and contribute for sustainable development of society with independent and reflective learning.