Department Goals

Our goal has been and continues to be a high quality degree program in computer science that prepares students for lifelong learning as they undertake professional careers in computing. The Departmental goals are divided into Long Range Goals and Short Range Goals.

Long Range Goals

The Principal Long Range Goals of Department are divided into Department-oriented, Student-oriented, Staff-oriented and Course-oriented goals.

  1. Department-oriented Goals

    • To develop the Department into a Centre of Excellence for Computer Learning.
    • To promote active Industry – Institute Interaction by identifying areas of mutual interest and carry out sponsored research projects and consultancy.
    • To develop the Department as an I.T. solution provider for the institution as well as for other organizations.
  2. Student-oriented Goals

    • To provide employable human resources for the Computer Science Industry at national / international level by imparting adequate skills through continuous up gradation of curriculum and effective teaching methodologies.
    • To provide the state – of – art computing facilities to students for getting adequate exposure to the latest trends in hardware / software technologies.
    • To conduct various continuing education programs, guest lectures for developing present day knowledge within the students.
  3. Course-oriented Goals

    • To update Syllabi, Equip Labs and participate in the process of course designing at the university level.
    • To to consolidate all aspects of UG Programme by putting in efforts to Introduce Innovative Theory & Lab Programs in the University syllabus from time-to-time.

Short Range Goals

The Principal Long Range Goals of Department are:

  1. Offer Counselling and Guidance to Students.
  2. Encourage Students to participate in various Cultural and Technical Events.
  3. Inculcate the Attitude and Aptitude.
  4. To grow their interest in real projects by conducting yearly Industrial tours.
  5. Nurture the Interest of the Students in Curricular and Extra Curricualr activities.
  6. To develop total Individual Personality