Smt. M. Vasavi

Designation: Assistant Professor
Date of Birth:15-03-1981
Date of Joining:23-05-2007
Research Interests: Knowledge and Data Engineering
Pursuing Ph.D
(as on 17-06-2021)

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Subjects handled:
    Operating systems, Computer organization, Discrete Mathematical Structures, .NET Technologies, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Computer Networks, Web Engineering.
  • Ms.M.Vasavi, Assistant Professor have awarded "Certificate of Excellence" and received a cash award of Rs.5,000/- each from IIT, Bombay regarding Online FDP on "Use of ICT in Education Online and Blended Learning".
Member of Committees/Bodies:
  • Member of L&CC, Department of CSE, RVR&JCCE
Certification Courses Done:
  • Completed 8 week course on "Cloud Computing" offered by NPTEL during February to April 2019.
Papers published in National/International Journals:
  • M.Vasavi,Kamakshaiah Kolli 'An Efficient Trend Discovery and Evaluated Technique for Textual Content Mining', International Journal of Management, Technology and Engineering, Volume IX, Issue IV, ISSN NO: 2249-7455, Apr 2019.
  • M.Vasavi,Sathish Kuppani 'A Frame Work for Text Mining using Learned Information Extraction System ', International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering , Volume 6,Issue 6,ISSN :2277 128X,Jun 2016.
  • M.Vasavi 'A Study on Pattern Discovery System for Web Content Mining", International Journal of Marketing and Technology (IJMT), Vol 4, Issue 10, pp.105 - 112, Oct 2014, ISSN: 2249-1058.
  • 'Transaction Reduction Based Approach for Mining Frequent Item sets' presented at International conference on Recent Trends in Automation(ICRTA-18) held in VVIT, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, on 15th and 16th Nov 2018.
Workshops attended:
  • A Five Day Online FDP on 'Artificail Intelegence' organized by the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, during 01.10.2020 to 05.10.20202.
  • A Seven Day FDP on 'Artificial Intelligence: an industry perspective' nducted by department of IT, PANIMALAR institute of Technology, Poonam lee, TN, durind 26th May to 1st Jun 2020.
  • A Ten Day FDP on 'Data Science using Python' Conducted by department of IT Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering, Mylavaram, AP, during 15th May to 24th May 2020.
  • A One Week Short term course on 'NBA Accreditation' organized by the Dept. of CSE, RVRJCCE, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research(NITTTR), Kolkata, during 17th to 21st Jun, 2019.
  • A Two Day Hands on Workshop on 'Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning' organized by RVR &JC CE, Guntur during m 23rd to 24th Feb 2019.
  • NPTEL-AICTE Faculty Development Program on 'Cloud Computing' during Feb-April-2019.
  • A Two Day FIP on 'AWS Skill guru', conducted by Vignan University, during 18-19 June,2018.
  • A Six Day Faculty Development Program on 'Big Image Data Processing Using Machine Learning Algorithms' organized by the department of CSE, National Institute of Technology, Warangal, during 11-16 Dec., 2017.
  • A Two Day Faculty Improvement Programme on 'Introduction to R Programming' organized by the Department of CSE, RVRJCCE,ICT Academy, during 16-17 August, 2017.
  • A One Week Short term course on 'Artificial Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic through ICT' organized by the Dept. of CSE, RVRJCCE,National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research(NITTTR), Chandigarh, during 24- 28April, 2017.
  • An Orientation workshop for Associate Faculty organized by the IIT Bombay, during 25-26 March, 2017.
  • IBM Faculty Improvement Program on 'IBM Cloud Computing' organized by APSSDC , during 17 - 26 Oct., 2016 .
  • A four-week FDP on 'Use of ICT in Education Online and Blended Learning' organized by RVRJCCE, IIT Bombay Remote Centre during 2 May - 10 July 2016.
  • One Day Workshop on 'Recent Advances in Medical Imaging Techniques' organized by the Anna University College of Engineering, Chennai on 31 July 2015.
  • Two Day Workshop on 'Applications of Computational Techniques in Engineering', organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, RVR & JC during 6 - 7 November 2015.
  • One Day Workshop on 'Applications of MATLAB' organized by the QIS College of Engineering & Technology, Vengamukkapalam (P.O), Pondur Road, Ongole, 14th March, 2015.
  • Two Day workshop on 'Recent Trends in Graph Theory and its Applications', organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, NIT Warangal, during 11 -13 October, 2014.
  • Two Day Workshop on 'Research Issues in Information Retrieval' organized by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, R.V.R & J.C College of Engineering, Chowdavaram, during 2-3 May, 2014.
  • One Day National level workshop on 'Rapid Miner', Data mining Tool organized by VIT University, Chennai Campus, 5th october,2013.
  • Two Day National level workshop on 'Wireless Sensor Network Applications for Environmental Monitoring' (WSNAEM'13) organized by Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Visakhapatnam during 25-26 March, 2013.
  • Four Day training programme in IBM SEED on "Rational Software Architect" organized by IBM, Software Engineering for Educational Development, during 28-31 January, 2013.
  • Two day National level workshop on 'BIG DATA ANALYTICS' organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, R.V.R & J.C College of Engineering, Guntur, during 17 -18 April, 2013.
Membership of Professional bodies:
Contact Details:
EMail: mv [at]
Phones: + +91 8632288254 Ext: 391(O)