Dr. M.Sreelatha

Designation:Professor & Head,Dept. of CSE.
Research Interests:Data Mining & Security
Ph.D(Compter Science & Systems Engineering) from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
M.Tech (Compter Science & Engineering) from NIT, Warangal.
B.Tech(Compter Science & Engineering) from NU.
Date of Joining: 09-08-95
Teaching Experience: 26 Years
papers published in International/National Journals/Conferences:
Journals (15)

  • Vaibhav Jain, P. Sai Sathvik, K.Sindhu, M.Sreelatha, "Homogeneous Clustering Based Ensemble Classifier", International Journal of Computer Science Engineering, Vol. 4 No.04, pp 122-127, Jul 2015, ISSN : 2319-7323.
  • Ch. Ratna Babu, Dr. M. Sreelatha, K. Praveen Kumar, "Next Generation Eco-System of Big Data", International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Vol 5, Issue 7, pp 36-39, July 2015, ISSN: 2277 128X.
  • Veeraju.G, Sreelatha.M, "An Efficient Multi-Keyword Synonym Ranked Query over Encrypted Cloud Data using BMS Tree", International Journal Applied Engineering Research(IJAER), Vol.11, Number 1, pp 738-743, Jan 2016, ISSn 0973-4562.
  • Veeraju.G, Sreelatha.M, "Secure Semantic Multi-keyword Synonym Ranked Query over Encrypted Cloud Data", International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET), Vol.8, No. 1, pp 98-107, Feb-Mar 2016, p-ISSN 2319-8613.
  • Dr. Ch.Aparna , Dr. M. Sreelatha, Dr. B. Raveendra Babu, "Window Gaussian Kernel Support Vector Machines for Motor Imagery Classification", International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) ,pp 548-552,Vol. 4 ,Issue 02, February-2015, ISSN: 2278-0181
  • M.Sreelatha & M.Srikanth , " a New cryptographic method using shared dictionary", International Journal of information Technology,engineering and sciences, Vol .2,No.1,January 2012.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi A.U.College of Engineering, Vizag have published a paper entitled "User Authentication using Native Language Passwords" in International Journal of Network security & its Applications (IJNSA),PP.149-160, Vol.3, No.6, November, 2011 ,ISSN No:09752307,DOI: 10.5121/ijnsa.2011.3611.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "Modified Schemes for authentication based on shape & text", International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Systems (IJEECS), Volume 1, Issue 2,April 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, B.VaraPrasadRao have published a paper entitled "Selecting Optimal Weighted Medoids for Clustering" in CIIT International Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering, pp:30-34,Vol.3, No.14, Oct, 2011,DOI: DMKE1020110171
  • M.Sreelatha, Sri M.Srikanth have published a paper entitled "Simple Password Protector" International Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering in Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology(CIIT),PP:858-861, Vol.3, No.14, Oct, 2011,ISSN No: 0974-9683,DOI:DMKE1020110131.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "Enhanced Authentication Schemes for Intrusion Prevention using Native Language Passwords", International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI), Volume 8, Issue 4, July 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "Grid based approach for data confidentiality", International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), PP: 0975-8887, Volume 25, No.9, and July 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "An Ancient Indian Board Game as a Tool for Authentication", International Journal of Network Security and its Applications (IJNSA), Volume 3,No.4,July 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "Simplified native language passwords for Intrusion Prevention", International Journal of Computer Applications( IJCA), Volume 24 , No 4, June 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, M Anirudh, MD Sultan Ahamar, V Manoj Kumar, "Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color &Images", International Journal of Network Security and its Applications (IJNSA), Vol.3, No.3, , DOI: 10.5121/ijnsa.2011.3308,May 2011.
Conferences (08)

  • "Anupriya Koneru, Prof. M.Sreelatha, presented a paper on 'Three Tier Architecture:To Select CSP Through Cloud Service Broker in Multi Cloud Environment' in International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies(ICICT 2016), sponsored by IEEE, organised by RVS Technical Campus, Coimbatore, Inventive Research Organization, India, during 26 - 27 Aug , 2016.
  • "Feature Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data" presented by K.Sindhu, M.Sree Latha, A National Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computer Science(NCETCS-2015) by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Bapatla Engg. College, Bapatla on 1st - 2nd July 2015.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "A Well Known Tool Based Graphical Authentication Technique", CCSEA 2011, CS&IT 02, pp.97-104,DOI: 10.5121/csit.2011.1211,July 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "Intrusion Prevention by Native Language Password Authentication Scheme", International Conference on Network Security & its Applications CNSA, 2011 Springer CCIS 196, pp.239-248.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, "Intrusion Prevention by Image Based Authentication Techniques", IEEE Sponsored International Conference on Recent Trends in Information Technology, ICRTIT 2011, M.I.T, Anna University, Chennai,June 2011.
  • M.Sreelatha, K.Venkata Ramana,Ch.Sunitha,V.Sushma, "Two level data hiding scheme: Using shape based cryptography and MIB steganography Technique", International Conference on Computer science and Engineering, Vizag, ISBN: 978-93-81693-57-5,April 2012.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Srikanth, M.Shashi, "Color coded grid based approach for data confidentiality", National Conference on frontiers of Computer science and technology, February 2012.
  • M.Sreelatha, M.Shashi, M Anirudh, MD Sultan Ahamar, V Manoj Kumar, "Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color &Images", International Conference on Frontiers of Computer Science, ICFOCS-2011 organized by Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore at JN Tata Centre, IISc., Bangalore, August 2011. 

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