Sri. Ch. Ratna Babu

Designation: Associate Professor

Research Interests: Cryptography and Network Security

2009 Registered for Ph.D, ANU, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
2004-2006 M.Tech, ANU Affiliated College, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Date of Birth: 16-04-1979
Date of Joining: 25-11-2003
(as on 19-06-2024)

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Patents Granted/Published
Sl. No. Patent Title Applicant's/
Inventor's Name
Country Name Patent Application No. Date of Publication Status
1 AUTOMATED WEB PAGE LAYOUT DESIGN USING GENETIC ALGORITHMS Ch.Ratna Babu India 202341025658 A 05/05/2023 Published

Administrative positions held:
  • Time-Table Member(CSE Dept)
  • Academic Portal(CSE Dept Administrator)
  • E-Learning Lab(In-Charge)
Subjects handled:
    Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Web Technology, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, J2EE Web services, Problem Solving using C, JAVA Programming, .Net Programming, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematical Structures, UNIX Programming, File Structures, OOP Programming, Internet Programming, Cryptography and Network Security.
Member of Committees/Bodies:
  • Member of Board of Studies, Department of CSE, RVR&JCCE
  • Member of Academic Portal Committee Member, RVR&JCCE
  • Member, Timetable Member, RVR&JCCE
Research Journals:
  1. Ch.Ratna Babu Assoc.Prof, Samuel Babu.K, Hajarathaiah. K, "Precise Information Obtained by using Greedy" South Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology (SAJET), Vol.2, No.45, pp.1-5, ISSN:2454-9614,Oct-Nov 2016.
  2. Ch.Ratna Babu, Assoc.Prof, D.Veera Chaitanya Ms. K.Bhagya Sree "Enhanced P2P File Access Convenience in Mobile Adhoc Networks Through Replication for Effective File Sharing" the International Journal of Innovative Technologies (IJITECH) , Vol.4, No.4, pp.0686-0690, April 2016.
  3. Ch. Ratna Babu, Dr. M. Sreelatha, K. Praveen Kumar, "Next Generation Eco-System of Big Data", International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Vol 5, Issue 7, pp 36-39, July 2015, ISSN: 2277 128X.
  4. Ch.Ratna Babu, Y.Narasimha Rao, N.Suresh Kumar, Ch.Vytarni, Dr.GSVP.Raju "Mimicked Web Page Detection Over Internet", International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering, pp-104-108, Vol 5, Issue 1, January, 2014.
  5. M.Sridhar, Dr.B.Raveendra Babu, Ch.Ratna Babu, "A Hybrid Algorithm for Privacy Preserving in data Mining", International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications, pp 47-53,Vol 08,July 2013,DOI: 10.5815/ijisa.2013.08.06.
  6. Ch.Ratna Babu, A.S.S.S.Sudhamsu, "Document Images Certification via PNG Image with a Visual Cryptography Method", International Journal of Advances in Computer,Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Vol 2, Issue 2, April- Sept 2013.
  7. Ch.Ratna Babu, K.Venkata Ramana, Dr.B.Raveendra Babu, "A Randomized Secure Data Hiding Algorithm Using File Hybridization For Information Security", International Journal on computer science and engineering (IJCSE) ,vol3, No 5, ,pp 1878-1889, ISSN 0975-3397,May 2011. 
  8. Ch.Ratna Babu, Venkata Satish Babu. B, "A Multilayer Image Steganography based on DCT Transform and Mod16 Algorithm", International Journal on computer science and engineering (IJCSE), VOL III ISSUE III, VER. 4, JULY TO SEPTEMBER, 2012  

  1. Ch.Ratna Babu,"Information Hiding in Grey Scale Images using PseudoRandomized visual cryptography algorithm for visual Information Security", International Conference on Information Systems &Computer Networks(ISCON), 9-10 March, 2013.
  2. Ch.Ratna Babu ,"Improved PRVC algorithm for halftone Images"National Conference on emerging trends in information Technology(NCETIT-2013) organized by Gitam University and published by Elseveir,29-30 March, 2013.
Details of Funded Projects
  • Fund sanctioned by Thinkwright Learning Services Pvt.Ltd. on "Automatic model for disease identification in cotton plants using Deep Learning".

Books Published:
Sri Ch. Ratna Babu, Asst.Prof and Sri B. Satyanarayana Reddy, wrote a book " C-Book for distance Education ANU" , BPB Publications. Contact Details:
EMail: chrb @
Phones: +91 8632288254 Ext: 302